Geoscrapping Ecourse


Learn to document your travels on the go.

Geoscrapping is the first ecourse I ever created. It is my little travel journaling class where I share all of the tips and tricks I’ve discovered while documenting my own travels while on the go.

Geoscrapping recently underwent a complete revamp with brand new course material added. The course now includes 14 lessons, 6 journal examples, 25 videos, and 4 downloads: a total of  10+ hours of content!

Hosted on a private section of my site, all of the lessons are ready to be accessed upon enrollment.


Find the fun travel journaling ecourse in my shop.

Imagine coming home from an amazing trip with a scrapbook full of memories already done…

That is exactly what I teach you to do in my travel journaling ecourse, Geoscrapping. You’ll learn how to create a fun fabric travel journal as well as all of my tips and tricks on how to document your travels on the go so that you return home with a lovely book bursting with memories.

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