a gentle unfurling

A Gentle Unfurling Photography Project


a gentle unfurling is like unraveling in the wind.

a gentle unfurling is a creative self-portrait project I began in 2020 to experiment more with photography, self-portraiture, and photo manipulation. It is an exploration of the self, which each photograph accompanied by a piece of self-reflective prose.


Throwing caution to the wind.

I’ve been wanting to do this creative self-portrait challenge for awhile now. I somehow want to show the world more of me and what deeply personal way to do it than by actually presenting myself.

The photos may all be surface stuff. But the magic of doing something repeatedly is that at some point it no longer is just surface stuff. Things slip through the cracks and after some time, more begins to unravel.

Since the subject is myself, I hope to ride this wave like a gentle unfurling.

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